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The Greenwood Lake Soccer Club, a member of the East Hudson Youth Soccer League, is a not-for-profit organization established in 1976 by the Greenwood Lake Gaelic Cultural Society. Our club began with nine players and three volunteers and has grown to a current enrollment of approximately 150 players and young adults and includes a 10-month recreation season. The vision of our Club is to provide a positive environment for the development of our youth, build soccer skills and ability, character, self-esteem and a love of the game.
The Greenwood Lake Soccer Club strives to teach any interested youth the “beautiful game”. We shall seek to provide education, help develop skills and a sense of sportsmanship to all participants. Our goal is to establish an appropriate team for every child desiring to play and for whom we have identified a qualified volunteer coach. A player’s placement on a team is in accordance with league rules, coach’s recommendation, and parent and player desires.
To fulfill this goal, the club will sponsor travel and recreation programs and will continually recruit a cadre of skilled volunteer coaches. In general, the Club will organize recreation teams for children who are interested in playing. The emphasis will then switch to travel teams for those children who either age out of recreation or skills demonstrate they are ready for travel.  If numbers dictate in a specific age range that a tryout is  needed, players will be assessed at a try-out and those selected will be placement on a travel team. Through this arrangement, it is felt that players will be given sufficient experience to learn the game and to develop their soccer skills.
Once moved to travel, the player bears more individual responsibilities, will be required to learn and demonstrate a level of skill and enjoy the competitive climate of a travel team. The Club will be supportive of the creation of any opportunity that will meet the needs of our youth. With this philosophy as our guideline all players will maximize their enjoyment of the game and have fun.
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